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Columbia Care Platinum CBD.
Better starts here.

In life, the small things make a big difference. That’s why we choose to care, no matter how small something is. Sure, we could just go through the motions, plenty of people do, but we think making better choices day after day add up to make a big difference. A difference you’ll see and feel in our Platinum CBD products.

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Use only the highest quality broad spectrum CBD from quality US hemp.



Our products are Science-driven and plant-based, tested by independent laboratories to ensure their quality and safety.



Columbia Care Platinum CBD is naturally sourced so it’s easy to take and gentle on your system.



To improve lives by setting the standard for professionalism, quality, care, compassion, and innovation in cannabis-derived products.


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Visit our blog and associated resources for more information on the Columbia Care Platinum Brand and Products, and why Better Starts Here.

We’re also Charter
members of CMC and ACI


In 2018, Columbia Care became a charter member of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), the UK’s first major cannabis industry group. In 2019, Columbia Care joined the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), the UK’s most influential CBD industry group.

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Why choose
Columbia Care



A wide range of retained cannabinoids from organically grown hemp provides a unique whole of plant therapeutic experience.
Unwavering standards

Unwavering standards

When developing our products, we take the utmost care from seed to shelf ensuring the formulations can be manufactured to the highest quality.
Quality you can see

Quality you can see

We extract our CBD from organically grown hemp at or just below 40C so only the desired cannabinoids are extracted. That’s why our Platinum always looks golden or amber, because it’s of the highest purity.
Safety backed by science

Safety backed by science

We are a company of “whole of plant” cannabis experts from medicinal cannabis to CBD supplements, so, as you’d expect, we take safety seriously. We adhere to rigorous quality and safety standards and all our product batches are tested by an independent accredited laboratory. 

From seed to shelf

From seed to shelf

From our cultivators who ensure purity of the hemp plant to our scientists who developed cutting edge processes designed to ensure the highest quality production. We care every step of the way, so we can deliver a purer, more premium CBD oil to you.